Packed full of features to help your early-stage SaaS company maximize it's growth.


$20 /mo

All features included


$40 /mo

All features included


$80 /mo

All features included


$120 /mo

All features included

What are contacts and subscribers?

Contacts are anyone that votes, comments, or leaves feedback - roughly 5% of your total active users. Subscribers are counted by the number of people signed up to your mailing list for blog posts. Contacts and subscribers can be deleted at any time. You can post as much as you like outside these limits.

Need more?

Use our calculator to work out estimated costs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

What features are included?

Combining all the tools you need to grow your SaaS product.

Knowledge Base

Document your product
Multi-language support
Article feedback ratings
Organize with collections
Instant search
Featured articles


Voting and comments
Unlimited feedback boards
Assign team to feedback
Private boards
Feedback statuses
Merge feedback


Upcoming features
Listed by month
Show feedback in progress


Feature individual changes
List detailed releases
Unlimited tags


Beautiful editor
Newsletter subscriptions
SEO tools
Optimised for SEO
Share images & video
Organize by category


Email support
Unlimited team members
Custom domains
3rd-party live chat
Customize your HQ
Dark/Light UI

“Save time and money, let Astrola take care of your SaaS products growth!”

Scott Peak - Astrola founder


What are contacts?

Contacts are any users that add feedback, vote or leave a comment. On average, this should be around 5% of your active users. You have control of removing old contacts.

What are subscribers?

Subscribers are used for your blogs email newsletters. They do not need to be contacts to join to your list. You have control of removing old subscribers.

What if I reach one limit before the other?

Each limit is independant, meaning you can continue to collect feedback if you reach your subscriber limit. Contact us if you need a more tailored plan.

Do you charge per team member?

Nope! We believe you should be able to add all your team members for the same price.

What if I only need a certain feature?

Our plans provide all features to simplify the experience. You have option to disable features entirely. For example, you could use Astrola as only a blog on your subdomain (e.g

Do you offer live chat features?

No. Reason being is most early-stage companies consist of founders lower than a couple of people who usually aren't availble to chat 24/7 anyway.

There are options to add a contact form throughout the interface and embed 3rd-party chat widgets.

Can I use a custom domain?

Yep! You can choose to link via or use your own subdomain. We recommend to act as your apps headquarters - it sounds cooler too 😎

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Astrola adds a knowledge base, feedback, roadmaps, changelogs and blogs for early-stage companies. Our pricing starts at $20/month per organisation and can be cancelled at anytime.

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