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Astrola adds a knowledge base, customer feedback, roadmaps, changelogs and blog posts to your products subdomain - all from a single dashboard.

“Combine all the software you need to rapidly grow your SaaS products”

Scott Peak - Astrola Founder

Astrola Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Multi-language, instant search and fast UI. Gather feedback ratings of each article and categorize to make it easy for your customers to learn. Learn more

Astrola Customer Feedback and Voting Tool


User voting, assign tasks to team members, multiple boards that can be private for your team too. An invaluable feature to help your app grow. Learn more

Astrola Roadmap Tool


Share your development release schedule with your customers. Feedback items in progress will also show to automatically keep content populated. Learn more

Astrola Changelog Tool


Let your customers know what's new or fixed. Add unlimited tag types, featured posts or write detailed version lists. Learn more

Astrola Blog Tool

Blogs & Newsletters

A rich writing experience, created specifically for organic growth. Built-in SEO tools, image uploads, YouTube embeds and a mobile friendly UI. Eliminate the need for a bloated WordPress site. Organise by category and share to your subscribers inbox. Learn more

“Astrola has saved countless hours building growth tools - allowing us to focus on our product!”

Ross Glasgow - Reviewdrop

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Astrola adds a knowledge base, feedback, roadmaps, changelogs and blogs for early-stage companies. Our pricing starts at $20/month per organisation and can be cancelled at anytime.

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